During the drying process we will properly track and document the entire drying progress. This information is needed for your insurance company during a claim process.

In order to prevent cross contamination and to dry the water damage faster, we will set up professional drying containment.

First Response Services offers 24 hour emergency services water extraction services for any standing water in your home or business.

We can inspect your property for water damage that you may not see. We use a thermal camera and moisture detection devices to find the trapped water.

Water Damage

Water travels to the least resistant spot in your home, sometimes making it difficult to detect water damage. Restoration America is your locally owned water damage removal and restoration services company. Performing water removal, drying, and restoration services for your home or business. No job is too small or big for us. We have certified water damage restoration services technicians on staff and a live operator taking your emergency calls 24/7. If you don’t respond quickly when discovering water damage you can actually cause extensive secondary damage to your home. We respond to water damage emergencies on the Treasure Coast.

What to Expect From Our Water Restoration Process

  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Inspection of water damage
  • Accurate damage assessment
  • Water extraction services
  • Drying of all surfaces
  • Moisture detection and removal
  • Cleanup of affected areas
  • Sanitation of all affected surfaces
  • Restoration and repairs of damage
  • Ceiling paint bubbling


Insurance Approved

We have worked with and do work with ALL Insurance companies.

  • We promise to inform you if the job is less than your deductible (forgoing filling a claim) to save you from potentially increased future insurance costs.
  • If your insurance company doesn’t cover your claim, we’ll work directly with you and pledge you’ll be treated fair and reasonably.


Water Damage Information

Water damage is defined broadly as any kind of structural damage caused by water.

Water damage is tiered into four categories that are based on the rate of evaporation. They are as follows:

  1. Class 1. Rate of Evaporation: Slow. Affects little or only a small section of a room and most moisture is absorbed by materials in the room.
  2. Class 2. Rate of Evaporation: Fast. Typically in with this category of water damage the water has affected most if not the entire room and may have absorbed up the walls but only up to a height of 24 inches.
  3. Class 3. Rate of Evaporation: Fastest. Water typically is from some overhead source and effects everything in the entire room. This is the most damaging type and the one that will cost the most money to clean up.
  4. Class 4. Special drying circumstances: This category is for certain installations and some kinds of flooring, carpeting and so forth that require a very specific kind of heating clean up.